About me

Hello, I am Abraham Yepremian and I am a tech entrepreneur in Southern California. I am currently working on my company BlockMotive, which aims to innovate with web3 and NFT technology. Previously, I worked as a Software Engineer at Disney where I built guest experiences technology for Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris.

Graduation Photo

I studied computer science at Cal Poly Pomona, where I was President of Computer Science Society and graduated 6 months early as a Magna Cum Laude. I worked through multiple software engineering internships, hackathons, and side-projects throughout this time. Leading Computer Science Society and helping my peers achieve their goals was the most fulfilling activity.

I first learned to code in high school through AP Computer Science and soon-after developed a love for creating my own mobile applications and sharing them with friends. Building projects for fun gave me knowledge and experience that proved invaluable when I started college.

As I matured, I’ve grown more passionate about software engineering and my focus has shifted towards problem solving. I am eager to use my experience in full stack web development, mobile application development, databases, and blockchain development to build and scale software solutions.